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1966 Mustang Wish List

It’s been so long since we conducted any upgrades to our 1966 Mustang Coupe and a lot has changed in the last 15 years! Manufacturers and suppliers have made it easier to restomod (add) many of the modern car features and advancements to our classic Mustangs. With that in mind, we set out to make our very own 1966 Mustang wish list…oh, where to start?

1) T5 transmission Upgrade – Let’s throw out that old 3-speed manual truck transmission and replace it with a more modern 5-speed with overdrive. While we’re at it, maybe spice it up a bit with a hydraulic clutch system.

2) Edelbrock E-Street cylinder heads – Since this car had previously been upgraded with the Performer cam, intake manifold, and carb, why not try out a set of aluminum heads and see if it helps the 289 breathe a little better? Our dyno will reveal the truth as we will baseline the motor before replacing the heads.

3) Disc Brake Conversion – We just rebuilt the front drum brake system in order to pass state inspection but we have been craving a disc brake conversion after doing so many in our shop for our customers. The big question is front only or all four corners.

4) Suspension Rebuild / Upgrades – Now that we are older and our roads are getting bumpier, our ‘Stang is ready for a suspension rebuild with all new components, upgraded rubber, new shocks, and new leaf springs…its been over 50 years since it rolled out of the factory with all new parts.

5) Interior Upgrades – Since this vehicle is not a numbers matching collector car, why not customize the interior to suit our style. Should we go with Ponies, bolstered seats, or all new modern TMI buckets. Should we stick with the blue interior or switch it all over to black? So many options!

6) Wheels & Tires – We love, love, love our vintage Cragars but “big and littles” seems so ’70’s. We have our eye on some Scott Drake throwbacks that might work well with modern, updated tires.

7) Electronic Fuel Injection – After working with so many custom tuned late model EFI systems making good power & drivability on our dyno, we crave to retrofit  the old carb with an EFI system…good bye chokes and cold start issues!

8) Body & Paint – We aren’t looking to break the bank with a fresh paint job but years of high school and college parking lots have taken their toll on this Pony…we will look for an affordable way to replace or repair the dinged and dented body panels and fenders then get it sprayed with a fresh coat. Probably one of our last mods as we tend to lean toward performance and reliability before aesthetics.

The 1966 Mustang wish list will get longer as we begin our journey but we needed this outline to guide us in the right direction…the last thing we need is a never ending project that never gets on the road again! More to come…

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