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Anderson Composites Joins Us With Their Carbon Fiber Offering For 2005-2017 Mustangs

Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber 1

We are proud to announce our partnership with Anderson Composites.  They will be bringing the highest quality fiberglass and carbon fiber products to the Mustang market for your 2005-2017 Mustang.  Anderson Composites specializes in fiberglass and carbon fiber components for late model Mustangs.  They manufacture each and every one of their products with the utmost attention to detail and only use top grad materials for a quality product you can trust.  Their extensive manufacturing experience allows them to construct everything from hoods, trunk lids, spoilers, side rockers, lip kits and to more complex pieces like doors in both fiberglass and carbon fiber.  Anderson Composites’ research and development team understands that the foundation for performance starts with how a product is made. They take pride in their innovative and cutting edge production process that makes the possibilities endless.

Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber On Our Ecoboost

We were lucky enough to try some of these amazing parts out in house.  At our facility we have a full service shop and dyno bay where we perform performance installs, dyno tuning and restoration work.  The first thing we noticed was the quality and care put into the design and construction of our Type TT Hood (DM Part # 70431) and Type TT Fiberglass Front Bumper (DM Part # 70404).  As we got the front bumper ready for paint, there was little prep needed to get our race red perfectly down on this beautiful fiberglass piece.  One thing to consider is these are not only great appearance mods but performance modifications as well.  The carbon fiber hood not only saves on overall weight but the design helps will heat Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber 2dissipation and air flow as well.  The front bumper helps with down force and aerodynamics overall.  With paint finished, we went in for the install.  This is where Anderson Composites’ attention to detail really shines.  After some minor adjustments to fit the lines of our ecoboost, each part fit flawlessly with no fitment issues.  One thing to note, the front bumper will require some modification to the impact plastic in front of your crash bar in order to be installed properly.  On the road the ecoboost looks and performs better than ever, with very little hood shake and increased down force.

Why Choose Anderson Composite Products

The precision and attention to detail Anderson Composites uses to make its products is a science of its own.  Their craftsmanship is simply unmatched.  Anyone could lay a cloth of fiberglass or carbon fiber, but not everyone has the experience and ability to manipulate the cloth or use the right amount of material in such a way as to work with intricate shapes and sizes.  This type of production process is extremely difficult to reproduce.  Anderson Composites takes pride in having the ability to take something raw such as fiberglass and carbon material and turn it into a product that is lightweight, functional, and looks good.



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