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Low Down on Oil Pressure Sending Unit Extensions


Oil Pressure Sending Unit Extension Can Be Lifesaver

Passing along helpful information to fellow Ford Mustang enthusiasts is one of the favorite parts of our job. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can assist someone in solving a problem that may seem simple to some but difficult to others. One of those helpful hints is our Dual Port Oil Pressure Sending Unit Extension for 1964-1995 V8 engines (DM #70527).

Dual Port Oil Pressure Sending Unit ExtensionCool Features

This little metal part can be a real lifesaver for those needing the following:

Easier access and extra clearance to their oil sending unit port for the purpose of reducing busted knuckles while working with the oil sending unit or for cleaning up wire or sensor tube routing.
An extra port to supplement the factory OE dash warning light (aka “idiot light”) with a high-quality aftermarket mechanical or electric gauge as this part allows the use of both OE and after-installed connections simultaneously.
An extra port take-off for applications requiring an additional pressurized oil supply such as forced induction systems that need a feed line to cool and lubricate the main system (ie superchargers and turbochargers).


High quality machined metal hex extension with a zinc plated finish to resist corrosion. It is precision tapped auxiliary ⅛” NPT fitting. Installs easily into the stock engine block port location allowing the OE sending unit to remain in use. Note: For extra protection against leaks, always use teflon tape before screwing the extension into the block and on any sending unit threads.

Just Need An Extension?

If you don’t need the extra oil port but do like the idea of an extended port for ease of access, try our Oil Pressure Sending Unit Extension for 1964-1995 V8 engines (DM #2491). Same benefits as the Dual Port extension without the extra auxiliary port.

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