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Dallas Mustang Car Show Canopy & Cars

Dallas Mustang Car Show Canopy & Cars

Local Car Shows & Dallas Mustang

After being absent from sponsoring and attending local cars shows for the past several years, Dallas Mustang choose 2016 to get back into the groove. Starting last year, we begin to review our requests for sponsorship. To determine which shows we could feasibly attend in 2016, we categorized the requests into local (TX, OK, LA, NM, AR), local “plus” (further than 5 hour drive from DFW), and national (Mustang Week, Hot Rod Power Tour, etc).

We further added the criteria that wherever possible, we would like the car show we attend to be involved in raising money for charity. From these groupings, we selected the shows we felt we would be able to sponsor & attend and which ones we felt we could not attend but would still support in some manner.

List of Shows We Will Be Attending

We began our 2016 Tour with these shows in mind:

  1. Connors Car Show – Keller, TX –> DONE
  2. Grapevine Ford Car Show – Grapevine, TX –> DONE
  3. Marshall Mustangs & Ford Show – Marshall, TX –> DONE
  4. 34th Annual Mustang Roundup & Car Show – Lubbock, TX –> DONE
  5. Hot Rod Power Tour – Trader’s Village, Grand Prairie, TX –> DONE
  6. Hot Rod Power Tour – Remington Park, Oklahoma City, OK –> DONE
  7. 4th Annual Car & Bike Show – Keller, TX –> DONE
  8. Northwood Revive Car Show – Keller, TX –> DONE
  9. 27th Annual Yellow Rose Classic – Arlington, TX –> DONE
  10. Pregnancy Help 4U – Keller, TX –> DONE
  11. 2nd Annual Mustang Roundup & Swap Meet – Kyle, TX –>¬†DONE
  12. 36th Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup – Buda, TX –> DONE
  13. OMC Annual Stampede – Mustang, OK –> UPCOMING
  14. Southlake Car Show – Southlake, TX –> UPCOMING
  15. Texas Mustang Invasion – Gas Monkey Live, Dallas, TX –> UPCOMING

We thoroughly enjoy meeting the good people at these shows and speaking to them about their cars! We post many of the cars we encounter at these shows on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest) and we plan to recap a few of the shows in our upcoming blogs. We will also bring you cars from a few shows that we did not officially attend, but came across on weekends in our travels around the Metroplex and beyond (ie Christian Classic Cruisers, Route 66 Cruisin Reunion, etc).

Thanks to all those who have welcomed us and who never hesitate to share their Stang stories with us!

About Tim Worlitz

I started working on cars when I was 13 years old and have spent the last 35 years in the automotive industry. After graduating from San Gorgonio High School in San Bernardino, CA, I was able to attend San Bernardino Valley College, Cal Poly Pomona, and USC earning Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and Master of Science in Systems Engineering Degrees. I have been fortunate to work in the OEM, OES, Aftermarket, and SEMA automotive segments focused primarily in design engineering, manufacturing, and operations management. I started my professional career at the Subaru of America Tech Center involved in HVAC, Cruise Control, and Accessory Development which allowed me to spend time working with engine and chassis dynometers, data acquisition in lab and field environments cold weather testing in places like International Falls, MN @-40F, hot weather testing in Death Valley, CA @+122F, and conducting vehicle test data acquisition for HVAC and NVH on various closed circuit test tracks in Arizona. While at Subaru I was driver and one of several team engineers involved in setting two Bonneville land speed records in I/Pro class at the 1988 & 1989 Speed Weeks...a record that still stands today. From Subaru, I went on to work stints as Director of Engineering at Thermal Dynamics and Fluidyne Racing Products, Director of Engineering at Wynn's Climate Systems, and General Manager at Standard Motor Products / Four Seasons Mfg Division with operations in US and Mexico. Seeking to exit the rigors of international travel and corporate politics, I became President of Tuskerstone, Inc dBA Dallas Mustang Parts & Accessories in 2015. I am a member of SAE, ASME, & ASQ professional organizations as well as Tau Beta Pi & Pi Tau Sigma national engineering honor societies.

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