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Parking Lot Ponies – Behind the Scenes Action



Dallas Mustang’s Parking Lot Ponies

People from all around come to Dallas Mustang to browse the showroom, check out the displays, chat with our sales guys, or have some work done on their cars. We take photos of their Mustangs in our parking lot, and we have dubbed these our “Parking Lot Ponies” We have been doing this for just about 3 years now. You can see these photos posted regularly on our Facebook page, and they will also show up from time to time on Instagram and Twitter. This year we decided to share some photos from the shop so you can see some behind the scenes Mustang action. ¬†Here you can see the several of the best shots from the first of 2015!

About Tommie

It was 1997 when I got my first car, it was a 1989 Convertible Mustang that was handed down from my father. That is where my love of the Mustang began. We have had several Mustangs over the years, and I have come to appreciate all the generations, but that 5.0 still has a special place in my heart.

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