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Time to clean up your Mustang but don't have the right Cleaning & Detailing products to do so? No problem, here at Dallas Mustang you can find a wide selection of Cleaning & Detailing products to make your Mustang look the best on the street. Just browse through our current selection of Cleaning & Detailing products and get your Mustang clean today!

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  • Absorbers

    The Absorber dries anything faster and easier. Lintfree, chemical resistant, and machine washable. Hundreds of drying uses, the soft touch that's tough on wetness! Learn More

    DM-Part#:   30

  • Car Care, Aquanil, Croftgate, 32oz

    Wash & Polish your car in minutes with no water, anytime, anywhere. CroftgateUSA has developed the best waterless cleaner and paint finisher available to keep your transportation of choice looking showroom new. The blend of biodegradable detergents, and advanced polymers first breaks down and suspends dirt and grime - it then replaces the dirt with a protective polymer layer - leaving your vehicle clean and with a deep protective shine. Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70509

  • Car Care, Aquanil-X, Croftgate, 32oz

    Wash & Wax your car in minutes with no water, anytime, anywhere. CroftgateUSA has developed the best waterless wash with waxes and paint finish available for keeping car, bike, jet-ski, plane,truck and RV’s like new.The blend of biodegradable detergents, advanced polymers and waxes first breaks down and then suspends dirt and grime – it then replaces the dirt with a protective layer of polymer and waxes- ultimately leaving your vehicle clean, waxed and with a deep protective shine. Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70508

  • Car Care, Multiclean, Croftgate, 32oz

    Cleans surfaces like auto bodies, glass, wheels and more. Removes stains from fabric. A “readily” biodegradable Multiple Surface Cleaner & Degreaser used on both exterior & interior surface areas. Powerful enough to remove heavy brake dust, tar, bird droppings, burnt rubber, grease, finger prints and a more, yet mild enough to remove stains from fabrics and carpeting. Multi Clean replaces a multi- tude of products all in one bottle. Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70510

  • Car Care, Odor Eliminator, Croftgate, 32oz

    This Eco Responsible formula chemically binds and encapsulates odor causing materials, rendering them undetectable. It eradicates odors, prevents them from returning. Odor Eliminator contains a small amount of fragrance to provide a freshly cleaned scent while the product is being used. The fragrance dissipates very quickly, to prevent overpowering fragrance odor. Whether a bad odor is from; (pet waste, cigarette smoke, food, human body) Odor Eliminator will eradicate it fast! “We have tested Odor Eliminator on every terrible smell we could, including Coyote Urine and it destroyed the smell.” Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70511

  • Car Care, Project-X, Croftgate, 32oz

    Dark color depth enhancer and sealant Project X is a depth and shine enhancer for dark painted vehicles. CroftgateUSA has made cleaning dark colored cars simple and effective. Project X can be applied 2 ways, but either way we guarantee to deepen your finish whether you are a detail pro or a garage novice. Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70512

  • Car Care, Quick N Slick, Croftgate, 32oz

    Achieve brilliant results in minutes, avoiding hours of applying traditional waxes. Quick N Slick’s simple spray on/wipe in technology will outshine, outlast and protect your vehicle surface far longer than wax.Will not shift in heat or micro crack in cold like wax does! The super surface slickness aids in repelling bugs, road debris and tar. It bonds to the surface creating a detergent resistant slick coating with a brilliant shine.Added antistatic proper- ties continue to repel road dust for extended period of time. “You’ll never wax with traditional wax again” Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70513

  • Car Care, The Last Detail, Croftgate, 32oz

    Protect your vehicles reflection with The Last Detail. Keep your vehicle looking just detailed with our Spray on wipe off technology. Use The Last Detail on clean surfaces to instantly touch up your vehicle's shine. Use on paint, windows, mirrors, chrome, plastic and more. Keep a car show shine! Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70514

  • Car Care, Tire Shine Plus, Croftgate, 32oz

    Shines Tires and Cleans Wheels CroftgateUSA’s Tire Shine Plus has a blend of emollients, cleaning and gloss agents to leave your wheels, tires and other areas clean with a long-lasting, satin smooth finish. Non-greasy formula! Tire Shine Plus is also used on plastics to rejuvenate, bringing back their color density. Use it on your dash area to clean and leave a nice finish. Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70515

  • Car Care, Wash & Wax, Croftgate, 8oz

    Cleans and Waxes. No hose formula. Eliminate the hose and running water using our Wash & Wax! Wash and Wax breaks down and removes dirt and grime, leaving a layer of protective wax and polymer on the surface. Use it on all exterior surfaces (paint, chrome, plastic, windows, wheels & door jams) Saves 100’s of gallons of water used to wash cars the “traditional way and it replaces the many products used. Wash and Wax will Clean, Polish and Protect your vehicle's surfaces. Eliminates the need for multiple cleaning and waxing products Learn More

    DM-Part#:   70516

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